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about us

"Affordable, professional Pilates providing dynamic, small group classes for a stronger, fitter, more flexible you."

Welcome to Wellington's newest inner-city specialised pilates studio - thank you for stopping by! 

Thrive Pilates does things differently. Respecting the key pilates principals  (core control, alignment, precision, axial elongation, breathing, concentration, and  movement integration), Thrive will enhance your pilates experience with a CONTEMPORARY twist.

Our skilled instructors incorporate a background of circus, health science, aerobic training, and passionate work ethic to make you stronger, leaner and more flexible.


We have something to offer EVERYBODY, from those new to exercise to professional athletes. Beyond the basics, be prepared for challenging, full-body workouts that will wake up those dormant muscles! 

One class will sow the seed but CONSISTENCY is key for best results. A recommended minimum of two to three sessions per week is achievable with Thrive's attractively-priced small group classes.  

Thrive Pilates also has an adjacent floor studio offering mat pilates, yoga, mobility classes and conditioning & handstand classes in a warm, safe environment.



The team


Anna cochrane

Thrive Pilates Owner, Studio Pilates Instructor (Polestar), BHSc (Paramedic), Guinness World Record Holder.

Rarely one to "do" life conventionally, Anna's first career was within the skydive industry, gaining her skydiving license at 16 years of age. In 2006, her passion for sport and movement led her to undertake the Polestar Pilates qualification while living in Perth. On completion in 2008, Anna became an instructor at Movementor Pilates in Christchurch and has now taught at numerous studios across Australia and New Zealand. Anna has been instructing in Wellington since 2013 while simultaneously completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic). She currently works for Wellington Free Ambulance as an Ambulance Officer.

Anna has also performed and taught circus aerial silks since 2008. She is well known for her high flying aerial stunts including performing the world's highest aerial hoop routine (suspended from a paraglider) and holds a Guinness World Record for the Highest Static Trapeze Act (performed below a hot air balloon).


Arnel gaviola

Arnel is a Fine Arts graduate major in Advertising. While practising his profession, he heard a different calling after discovering the benefits of Pilates. He took his first certification under Lawrence Biscontini and was motivated to become a Pilates teacher himself.

Arnel is a Stott Pilates trained instructor gaining certification in Singapore at the internationally recognized, Physical Mind Institute. This was where he mastered standing Pilates, strengthened his mat work routine and took a one year apprenticeship teaching Pilates using the reformer, cadillac, barrel and spine corrector. Arnel also attended workshops taught by Pilates master Michelle Larson and Eric Franklin (Eric Franklin Method). Arnel was instructing for various studios in Hamilton before coming  to Wellington to join the Thrive Pilates team. Pilates for Arnel is a never ending conquest. He still continues to learn and master the pilates method.

In his spare time, Arnel loves to swim and was a swimming teacher when he first arrived in New Zealand in 2010. 


Kelly Symmons

Her first love was gymnastics but she is an accomplished runner, cyclist and competitive swimmer.  You can often see her out braving the cold waters around Greta Point, testing that mental toughness!  Kelly is passionate about the mind/body connection and truly believes it is key to mental resilience and balance in life. Her hypermobility (think the elastic mum from the Incredibles!) meant she needed Pilates to support the challenges her love for sport would place on her body.  Kelly turned intensively to Pilates two years ago following a serious knee injury while playing football.  Her desire to take control of her rehab and get back to doing all the sports she loved, started her on the journey to becoming an instructor.  She felt inspired to help and guide other people on their journey and achieve their goals. 

Before landing in NZ, Kelly was an officer in the tough ranks of the British Navy.  She understood how her physical condition underpinned the strong mental clarity she needed to stay calm and focussed under pressure.  She now applies this calmness and focus to her role as a Senior Advisor in a key government agency.   Becoming a mother to her beautiful son George strengthened her belief in keeping her mind and body in sync so that she is always present and in the moment whether battling for good decisions in the corporate world or running around the park with her son. 

As anyone who knows Kelly will tell you, her cheeky humour and boundless enthusiasm makes the journey so much more fun!



Aaron'background is in rock climbing and circus. He has trained and performed across New Zealand, Australia, China and the U.S.A focusing on Chinese Pole and Hand Balance. He is one of the few performers in the world to specialise in Swinging Chinese Pole; a demanding aerial apparatus. His interest in movement led him to an internship with Jeff Willoughby; a respected Muscle Activation Therapist and strength trainer in Europe and now in New Zealand.  

Aaron's focus is on doing what is needed to stay healthy and functioning long-term rather than short-term fixes. This means he works to correct imbalances and prevent injury. For the past eight years, Aaron has been teaching handstands, movement, stretch and conditioning classes to groups and private clients who want something  even more individualized and specific to their needs.



Both Pilates and yoga have played an important in Caroline’s life from a young age. Caroline’s background in dance introduced her to yoga as an important tool for building resilience and balance. Taking a holistic approach to health, Caroline sees keeping active as essential for both mental and physical wellbeing. Caroline completed her RYT200 training in yin, vinyasa and hot yoga (Hot Yoga Wellington) and is the owner and director of Evolve Wellbeing, a company offering corporate fitness and mindfulness services. Caroline focuses on combining strength and mobility training, enabling clients to improve their lifestyles and prevent injury. By becoming aware of physical habits, Caroline uses yoga to help individuals identify more clearly the habits of the mind, which either promote or prevent optimal states of wellbeing and ease.



Dayna is a South African arts graduate who realised her love of yoga in her stressful final year of university. She found herself turning to yoga to calm her mind and release endorphins after tiring and draining days, and soon decided to leave behind the stressful life of a producer and to travel to India to complete her RYT200 in 2016.

A year later, after teaching privately in South Africa, Dayna returned to India to complete her RYT300, and began teaching at studios in Dubai in 2017. She completed a personal training certification in 2018 and plans to expand her knowledge on plant-based nutrition in the future.

Her favourite styles to teach are yin, for its restorative nature, and vinyasa, for its freedom in choreographing and theming flows. However, she also has experience in ashtanga, hatha, and hot yoga.

Aside from health and fitness, Dayna loves to travel, and can’t wait to explore more of beautiful New Zealand.



Our Services



The pilates reformer is a specialised piece of equipment allowing clients to perform hundreds of low impact exercises giving you a safe, total body workout. Using resistance, the reformer facilitates strength building while elongating, rather than bulking muscles. 

Maximum 6 people per class. Classes are 50 minutes (lunch time classes are 45 minutes).

private classes

There are many reasons you may like to take advantage of our private classes. Whatever these may be, we are happy to accommodate you. Private classes may consist of reformer, mat and small prop work.

Classes are 60 minutes.

pilates for cyclists

Athletes such as Cadel Evans, Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and Victoria Pendleton have all sung the praises of incorporating pilates into their training schedule. Pilates exercises target the deep intrinsic muscles of the abdomen and spine promoting torso stability and efficient use of your power. Additional benefits include improved flexibility, posture and balance. These classes will incorporate a thorough abdominal workout as well as spending time on your mobility, flexibility and posture.

Maximum 6 people per class. Classes are 50 minutes.


Pilates stripped bare! No equipment. Just you and the Mat (and perhaps a few props). Make no mistake, Mat Pilates can be challenging work. As always, we make sure you are in the appropriate level class with Beginner and Intermediate levels to choose from. 

Maximum 6 people per class. Classes are 50 minutes.


Yin is designed to help you find more comfort and mobility in your body by stretching connective tissue around the joints and deep fascia networks. These classes involve variations of seated and passive poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia. Yin Yoga focuses on using breath, paired with correct alignment, to improve joint health and mobility. These classes play with compression and de-compression to create release in the body. Great for runners, cyclists or anyone looking to move their body after a long day of sitting. Suitable for all levels.

Maximum 6 people per class. Classes are 60 minutes.


Yin-Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice - bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with more dynamic sequences and standing postures. These classes will build heat and strength in the body through a series of active (Yang) yoga postures. This strength is matched with a series of Yin (passive) postures that create flexibility and mobility. You’ll be getting the benefits of both strength and flexibility. A great way to create mobility, openness and energy. Suitable for all levels.


Move over burpies & Spin class...Pilates Jumpboard has arrived! Push through your plateau by adding plyometric and cardio benefits to your Pilates routine. These fun, yet demanding reformer classes add intensity, challenge core control & demand body awareness…all in one dynamic 45 minute session!

CONDITIONING & handstand classes

We love getting people up-side-down at Thrive! Benefits of handstand conditioning and hand-balance are numerous including strengthening upper body, wrist and abdominal strength; improving balance; building awareness and confidence in your body; and lets face it, having this much fun is a great stress relief! No matter if you haven't tried to do a handstand since you were 6 years old - our 6 week conditioning and handstand courses are designed to get you on your hands safely. 


While these classes are pre-requisites to our handstand classes, ANYONE  is welcome to join who would like to challenge their strength and mobility a little differently.

These classes are beginner level and will introduce you to fundamental exercises and routines that will start you on your journey to a bio-mechanically sound handstand. These are preparatory classes therefore there will be no handstand holds. You will cover:

  • Common shoulder weakness and tightness; upper thoracic mobility work to combat the days spent sitting at a desk.

  • Wrist conditioning to prepare your hands and forearms for the stresses of holding and balancing your body weight.

  • Hip mobility and strength work to make the movements in and out of a handstand possible.

  • Trunk work to hold all the other pieces of the puzzle together.

Once you have completed 6 conditioning classes, we welcome you to progress to the handstand classes. 

Maximum 6 people per class. 


These classes combine the conditioning and mobility work you have mastered to start progressing into actual handstands. You will work on:

  • Entry and exit from your handstand; don't worry if you don't get there first time or can't hold the handstand yet!

  • Balance; this will consist of wall assisted, low balances and free standing (depending on ability).

  • Mobility; preparing to master harder positions/transitions.

  • Stamina; the longer you can stay up the more you can practice!

  • And of course, you will work on your handstand line, because everyone wants a handstand that is easy to hold.

Maximum 6 People Class.





new clients

For our new clients! These classes provide a positive environment for building a solid pilates foundation and become familiar with the equipment. This class is suitable for everybody including clients returning from a break or an injury who need to reassess their fitness before progressing. We recommend you attend a minimum of six of these classes before progressing to Beginner level. 


With the fundamentals under your belt the basics will feel more natural. It's time to start exploring more progressions and letting the class flow at a more deliberate pace, making your workout more challenging. 



By now you will have noticed an improvement in your co-ordination, control, strength, flexibility and  have a thorough feel for our workouts; so it is time to increase your repetitions and add in some more advanced variations for a more intense workout! 


This is a challenging class and is not for everyone - ask your instructor whether this class is suitable for you. Be prepared to get adventurous because this pilates class can incorporate exercises that are more complex and higher intensity. Ideal for those who love to work hard and excellent for athletic conditioning. 





Small group REFORMER CLASSes

(max 6 clients per class)




Thrive unlimited!

$300 per month

Attend any of our small group classes 7 days a week! Click here for benefits, terms and conditions.


5 CLASSES - $140

 This is the perfect package for clients who wish to attend 1-2 classes per week or for clients who want to supplement an existing training schedule.

10 classes - $260

RECOMMENDED. Attending 2-3 classes per week, clients typically see faster results, gain a more thorough understanding of how their body moves and undo bad habits.

15 classes - $360

At $24 per class, this is Thrive's most attractive price option for our small group reformer classes. If you plan to workout 4+ times per week for exceptional results, this package is for you!

1 year packages

5 classes - $160

Just passing through Wellington every now and then for business or pleasure? A one year package allows you a discounted price with a more flexible time-frame in which to use them.

10 classes - $300

Are you mixing up your pilates sessions with some conditioning, mobility, private or "pilates for cyclists" sessions? Brilliant! Enjoy this discounted rate of $30 per class without feeling rushed to use them all withing 1 month.

20 classes - $560

At just $28, this is our best price for reformer classes with the flexible time frame of 1 year in which to use them.



private classes


single class- $80

 1 year packages

5 classes - $375

 If you would like to kick-start your pilates journey, a handful of private classes can fast-forward you into more advanced small group reformer classes.

10 classes - $700

Thrive is once again, bucking the trend by offering you the most price-friendly private classes in Wellington. If you would like to kick-start your pilates journey, a handful of private classes can fast-forward you into more advanced small group reformer classes.



Floor studio

MAT PILATES / YOGA / "unwind" stretch & mobility


New client intro deal - $45 - 3 classes valid for 2 weeks

single class- $20

 10 classes - $190 (VALID 1 YEAR)



conditioning & handstand classes

(max 6 people per class)



6 CLASSES - $132 (Valid 6 months)



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