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The pilates reformer is a specialised piece of equipment allowing clients to perform hundreds of low impact exercises giving you a safe, total body workout. Using resistance, the reformer facilitates strength building while elongating, rather than bulking muscles. 

Maximum 6 people per class. Classes are 50 minutes (lunch time classes are 45 minutes).

private classes

There are many reasons you may like to take advantage of our private classes. Whatever these may be, we are happy to accommodate you. Private classes may consist of reformer, mat and small prop work.

Classes are 60 minutes.

pilates for cyclists

Athletes such as Cadel Evans, Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and Victoria Pendleton have all sung the praises of incorporating pilates into their training schedule. Pilates exercises target the deep intrinsic muscles of the abdomen and spine promoting torso stability and efficient use of your power. Additional benefits include improved flexibility, posture and balance. These classes will incorporate a thorough abdominal workout as well as spending time on your mobility, flexibility and posture.

Maximum 6 people per class. Classes are 50 minutes.


Upgrade yourself in 6 weeks! Under the guidance of Dr Luke Wilson (MBChB, BA, MSc), this 21st Century Food Course is concise, inspiring, motivating, simple, and backed by science.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, save money, have more energy or lighten your footprint on the environment, this 6 week course has been designed from the ground-up to equip you with all the tools you need to adopt the perfect plant-based lifestyle.

CONDITIONING & handstand classes

We love getting people up-side-down at Thrive! Benefits of handstand conditioning and hand-balance are numerous including strengthening upper body, wrist and abdominal strength; improving balance; building awareness and confidence in your body; and lets face it, having this much fun is a great stress relief! No matter if you haven't tried to do a handstand since you were 6 years old - our 6 week conditioning and handstand courses are designed to get you on your hands safely. 


We run two types of conditioning classes: Strength and Mobility.

While these classes are pre-requisites to our handstand classes, ANYONE  is welcome to join who would like to challenge their strength and mobility a little differently.

These classes are beginner level and will introduce you to fundamental exercises and routines that will start you on your journey to a bio-mechanically sound handstand. These are preparatory classes therefore there will be no handstand holds. You will cover:

  • Common shoulder weakness and tightness; upper thoracic mobility work to combat the days spent sitting at a desk. 
  • Wrist conditioning to prepare your hands and forearms for the stresses of holding and balancing your body weight. 
  • Hip mobility and strength work to make the movements in and out of a handstand possible. 
  • Trunk work to hold all the other pieces of the puzzle together.

Once you have completed 6 conditioning classes, we welcome you to progress to the handstand classes. 

Maximum 6 people per class. 


These classes combine the conditioning and mobility work you have mastered to start progressing into actual handstands. You will work on:

  • Entry and exit from your handstand; don't worry if you don't get there first time or can't hold the handstand yet! 
  • Balance; this will consist of wall assisted, low balances and free standing (depending on ability).
  • Mobility; preparing to master harder positions/transitions.
  • Stamina; the longer you can stay up the more you can practice!
  • And of course, you will work on your handstand line, because everyone wants a handstand that is easy to hold.

Maximum 6 People Class.