new clients

For our new clients! These classes provide a positive environment for building a solid pilates foundation and become familiar with the equipment. This class is suitable for everybody including clients returning from a break or an injury who need to reassess their fitness before progressing. We recommend you attend a minimum of six of these classes before progressing to Beginner level. 


With the fundamentals under your belt the basics will feel more natural. It's time to start exploring more progressions and letting the class flow at a more deliberate pace, making your workout more challenging. 



By now you will have noticed an improvement in your co-ordination, control, strength, flexibility and  have a thorough feel for our workouts; so it is time to increase your repetitions and add in some more advanced variations for a more intense workout! 


This is a challenging class and is not for everyone - ask your instructor whether this class is suitable for you. Be prepared to get adventurous because this pilates class can incorporate exercises that are more complex and higher intensity. Ideal for those who love to work hard and excellent for athletic conditioning.